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Why Me & Sherry's House- A Second Home

From the outside looking in it can seem like there are countless organizations for families to turn to while walking through cancer treatment. 🎗️From the inside looking out, it can seem overwhelming, and a challenge to find assistance to fit a family’s needs. 😔 Some patients and families need housing assistance due to a relocation for treatment. 🏡Other families want a safe/clean place to go outside of their home/ hospital. 😊 Some parents just simply want a safe haven where their “kid can be a kid” and others “just get it” without a spoken word. 🧸 .

Why Me & Sherry’s House, in Central Massachusetts offers all those supports and more. 💕

Click the link below to hear my interview with Danielle, Director of Family Services to discover that places like this really DO exist! 🥰

What’s been the most helpful to your family while going through treatment/beyond?

Is there anything more you wish your family could get in terms of support services?

Listen to the episode here:


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