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The Grief Recovery Method Program

This week I’m talking about grief. It’s an uncomfortable topic to talk about but it’s one that unfortunately we all go through at some point in our lives. It’s an extremely personal topic.There is no comparison. Everyone is entitled to feel exactly how they do when experiencing grief. In this episode I share with you a personal journey that I went through using the Grief Recovery Method Program.

Please know that I have permission to share some details about the program but due to the high sensitivity of the program there are other details that have been purposely let out both due to privacy and copyrights of the program. The founders and staff at the Grief Recovery Method encourage people to share their story and experience with the program.  So I share with you want I can and hope that this sparks interest or resonates with someone listening. To learn more about the Grief Recovery Method their other programs or to become a certified grief counselor.


Photo credit-@griefdiaries


Listen to the episode here:

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