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Potty Training During Treatment

Potty training! 😳

Anyone else feel like it’s jumping out of an airplane without a parachute? 🙋‍♀️ Somewhere along the way early on in my son’s diagnosis I read that we should wait to potty train until AFTER treatment. When I read this my heart broke even more as my mind raced with all the possible delays this would have on his development. 💔

Depending on how your child is responding to treatment potty training might seem like another daunting thing in your “to do” list. 📝

I’m so happy that treatment has not been center stage these last couple months and my son is doing “normal toddler stuff”! 🤗

If you feel like your child is ready to potty train I highly recommend Jamie’s book! While reading it, I felt like I was having coffee with a friend (what a luxury!) ☕️

The way she breaks out the different stages for training was very logical and easy to follow and I’m happy to say our son has had much success with the methods in her book! 📚

Potty training was a HUGE milestone for our son as it has given him a sense of independence and pride! Additionally, as a parent it’s been wonderful to see him reach this development checkpoint and “be a normal kid” despite still being on active treatment! 👏

So if you feel your child is ready, then go for it, it can be done while on treatment! 💩

What are some milestones that are happening in our household despite treatment? Brag on! 🎗

Listen to the episode here:


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