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Plan a special day for your kiddo with Love Your Melon Campus Crew!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

How many of you have heard about the Love You Melon apparel brand? 🧢 If you have, you may already know that with each purchase a hat is donated to someone undergoing cancer treatment. 💝 But what you may not know is that Love You Melon partners with over 24 non-profit organizations to support cancer research and families impacted by a diagnosis. Furthermore, you may not have heard YET about their awesome Love Your Melon Campus Crew and how college students nationwide can help create a special day for your child and whole family while undergoing treatment. 🥰

In this podcast I sat down with Maria, the President of the Love Your Melon Campus Crew and a senior at Southern Connecticut University. She shares with us her personal connections to this organization, and why this volunteer work is so rewarding. We talk about how planning a special day is both for patients and their families in a time when their hearts are healing. 

Listen to the episode here:


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