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Michelle Johnson the Momcologist

Meet Michelle and her beautiful family! It was such a pleasure to have her on the podcast and share her son’s leukemia diagnosis and treatment journey. We’ve become quite close despite being 3k miles apart! 🌎

Since the airing of our interview the world has basically shut down as a result of the devastating Corona Virus outbreak! 🦠

As momcologist, we are sadly are no stranger to social isolation. We’ve been down this road before and know it’s what we have to do. We’ve become accustomed to being comfortable with giving up control because there are times we have no choice. We know what best for our family and we hold onto hope for a better tomorrow! 🎗


We have gained a new family with our oncologist team and are no stranger to hospital and clinic visits. We have NO CHOICE but to RISK bringing our immune suppressed kids into clinic at the hospital for treatment during this time. We depend on our team to provide a sterile, non-stressful environment for our kiddos during a time when they are the most stressed! Our children’s chemotherapy treatments ARE VITAL for keeping them in remission and SAVING THEIR LIVES! 💝

I want to personally THANK those that are taking this virus SERIOUSLY. THANK YOU for practicing social distancing. THANK YOU for staying home if you are sick. THANK YOU for only going to the hospital if ABSOLUTELY necessary. THANK YOU for understanding NOW what it’s like for families that have to navigate and make smart choices to protect our children undergoing cancer treatments. 🏥

We are in this TOGETHER. I’m committed to supporting our community with POSITIVE, REAL, and SUPPORTIVE content‼️

Take care of each other. Be smart. We will get through this. The world depends on us! 🤜

What’s been helping you through this challenging time? Are you surprised by things you’ve discovered about yourself, friends or family? What part are you taking to help take precautions and stop the spread of the Corona virus?

Listen to the episode here:


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