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Making Cancer Fun with Author, Mom, Public Speaker and Business Women- Tara Geraghty

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

It was an honor having, author of @makingcancerfun on the podcast this week! In our home we celebrated 150 days of treatment with a “Happy Birthday New Healthy Cells” party! 🏡 We made a POWER WORD collage with collective help from family and friends each offering a word! 💪 As we were about to enter an intense phase of treatment we asked our Tribe to flood us with puppy/cat pictures! 🐶 🐱 We made a photo book to bring with us to clinic, in the hospital or just eating lunch! For me, it’s nice to have “projects” to work on that include our extended Tribe because it helps lift us up, knowing that others are prayer and sending well wishes! 🙏 Take a look at a sneak peak pages from Making Cancer Fun! What is your family doing to make treatments “less scary”?

Listen to the episode here:


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