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LLS- Childen's Initiative

Sometimes things seem so overwhelming, so daunting, so time consuming it’s hard to find the motivation to begin. 😳

One step. Just one step in the right direction, sometimes any direction is the best way to begin. Celebrate! Took a wrong turn? Celebrate! You discovered you need to try another way. Celebrate! 🥳

One step turns into a couple feet. Celebrate! A couple feet turn into a mile. Celebrate! A couple miles and you’ve hit a milestone! Celebrate! Milestones add up! 🥇

It may take you hours, days, months or years to reach a goal but you can do it! 👏

Don’t ever doubt yourself! You know best! 🙌

What goals are you working towards? What steps are you taking each day to make your dream a reality?

Photo credit @matteo.catanese

Listen to the episode here:


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