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How to start Pre-K homeschooling

It seems that everyone is homeschooling their kids today. And unfortunately we all know too well what it's like even when there isn’t a pandemic. Join me this week as I talk about how I started homeschooling my 3.5 year old. I tell you all the resources that I used to set up a classroom area for my son to help him master the basics. I share with you what I’m doing to help him increase his confidence with daily tasks and set him up for success. What are you doing that’s working well with your child? What are some challenges you're experiencing? Links: Visual Schedule/Routine/Chore Chart for Young Children By Heidi Dickey Days of the Week and Weather Chart By Imaginative Teacher If You Know All the Seasons Youtube If You Know All the Seasons Lyrics Laminator with sheets Double sided Velcro tape

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