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Happy New Year! 2021!

Happy New Year! New episode just dropped! 🤜

It feels so good to be back here producing episodes for you! Let’s see! The last episode I aired was back in October 2020, two days before my sweet baby Leo, Ollie’s little brother, decided to enter this world! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

I’ve been MIA since his arrival and even though I cherish every minute with my husband and my boys, I feel I have a calling to continue this work and continue to share my son’s journey back to health in order to help others feel less alone.🤝

In this episode, Ryan and I give you a bunch of updates! Ry is back at work, and I’m home with the boys! One huge update is that Ollie was moved from the 3 year protocol to the 2 year protocol and now is slated to finish treatment this April! 🙌

I share with you some Pre K homeschooling tips and we talk about sticker charts and our son’s new found love for an old school board game! Stay tuned in to find out which one it is! 🏫

Link in the bio 🎧

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