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GlowBodyPT- Relearn how to take time for YOU!

As a mom being active everyday doesn’t mean getting in a strict work out! 💪 Let’s get real, some days your work out is cleaning the house, washing the floors and vacuuming! 🧼 Other days it’s chasing your toddler up and down the hospital hallways in the Cozy Coop while manning the IV fluid pole! 🏥 Sometimes just getting out of bed & getting dressed is a huge accomplishment! 🙌 .


✨Wherever you are along the fitness spectrum give yourself the credit you would give your best friend if they were in your shoes! ✨

You are beautiful! You are doing a fantastic job at living! You are taking care of you! As Ashley Keller aka @glowbodypt says “You got this Mommy!” 👍

Soooooo........Tell me your accomplishments! None are too small! You have permission to be boastful and you are worthy of the recognition!

Listen to the episode here:


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