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Clinic, COVID-19, Give Thanks!

This was the scene as we prepared to walk into clinic last week! 😷

We had so much anxiety leading up to that day. And the thought of going to the hospital during this time of the Corona virus was enough to make me sick. 🏥

We pulled up to the hospital entrance. And from the outside looking in it felt like we were bracing for our own version of Armageddon. 😭

It was a blessing that the hospital was quiet that day and my husband was able to bring our son to his appointment seamlessly! Our team was phenomenal as usual and our son felt safe knowing our child life specialist was right there to play!🥰

Our hearts and prayers continue to go out to the doctors, nurses, first responders, janitorial staff, researchers, and all those doing their part to aid in great time of need! Thank you for the sacrifices you are making each day to help others and stay safe. 🙌

Let’s continue to BE SMART! Let’s continue to THINK OF OTHERS! Let’s continue to SUPPORT each other! Let’s ride this wave of empathy so we can continue to care for humanity and be propelled into a brighter future!

Tell me below what are you doing? Staying home? Post 🏡 below! Made a quick phone call/ video chat to someone? Post 📱 if you did! Bought groceries for someone? Post 🤝now! :::

Stay connected! We will prevail! And honor those who were taken too soon! 🙏

Listen to the episode here:


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