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Chef Ryan Callahan: Cooking for Kids with Cancer

I learned so much about cooking and palate cleansing while reading “Cooking for Kids with Cancer” by Chef Ryan Callahan! He takes you through everything from understanding flavor to combating common eating related side effects to basic nutrition and meal planning! It’s chocked full of easy recipes ranging from big meals to smoothies to soups & sauces! 🍲

Having a toddler that is a picky eater is challenging but when you toddler is on chemo it’s even more challenging to introduce new foods. 🤦‍♀️

To be honest, during the first month of our son’s treatment he only wanted to eat crunchy organic cheese puffs and bread. In hindsight, it makes sense now because he was on a high dose steroid and felt yucky! Fast forward to now, as we’re almost a year and a half into treatment, and, his “go-to” breakfast is always bread with jelly & bread and a banana! And that makes sense to us since he has to take meds right before bed that make him nauseous. 🍞

The book is easy to read and you’ll feel like Chef Ryan is right there reading it to you! 👋

Are you or someone you know currently undergoing chemotherapy? Do you have a sensitive stomach? Is eating an issue? Want to learn more about food -science? Comment, tag or share this post with a friend!

Link to the episode here:


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