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An interview with my other half, my husband, Ryan!

Ryan and I have been together since I graduated college! That's over ELEVEN years!! We've been so through so much in our relationship, as every couple does, and we've always made it through thick and thin. When we said our marriage vows to each other on our wedding day we included promises to each other. We promised to "love and support each other in our life ahead, to continue to work in tandem especially through the challenging times because those are the moments that will make us a stronger couple". We promised " our love will only continue to grow and that we can truly face anything that comes our way". These vows hang above our bed and are a constant reminder for us to stay connected. Of course every relationship is unique. Every family structure, and internal and external pressures are unique and circumstances seem to change hourly when caring for a child with a cancer diagnosis or a chronic illness. This is our story and we wanted to share this to encourage others to continue to find and speak your voice especially in those darkest of times.

Listen to the episode here:


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