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A Moment of Magic with founder Kylee McGrane

At the time of this recording it’s now been about two months the world has been under quarantine. I don’t know about you but it’s been a roller coaster of emotions and I’m so pumped to share this episode with you! And Spread the MAGIC!

In this episode, it was an honor speaking with Kylee McGrane, founder of A Moment of Magic! Her vision, passion and drive to create a foundation that provides medically compromised children as well as those in social services truly a moment unlike any other and one that is for sure to be an experience they’ll brag about to their friends and family!

I must note that due to the high demand of virtual calls with characters many are booked for the remainder of May!  However, do not fear, the foundation will be releasing new available dates for June in the next two weeks!

Connect with A Moment of Magic:

Listen to the episode here:


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