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Kind Words

“Thank you for creating this podcast. It really does help us parents. You’re the sweetest! You don’t know how much I appreciate you and how much you inspire me with all that you do! YOU are mom goals ♥️ I hope we do get to meet one day!”


- A mom from TX, son diagnosed with A.L.L., age 5

“Thank you for creating these podcasts - I'm finding a great deal of comfort in listening to them. The self-care one was really helpful this morning! I was cleaning our kitchen and it was just nice to listen to, reassuring that it's fine for me to feel like s*** at times, that fog is awful and it's hard to see clearly at times.”


- A mom from the UK, son diagnosis with A.L.L., age 6

“Hi and thank you so much for your podcast! I've been listening and so happy your son is doing good on treatment.”


- A mother from CO, daughter diagnosed with A.L.L., age 6

“Just listened!! Thank you for sharing your heart with the world. Love you sister!”

- Auntie to a superkid

“I love [the 5 Love Language] book! I also love the ones for kids it’s changed how I treat each of my kids.”

- A mom from KY, son diagnosed with A.L.L., age 5

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