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Hospital & Clinic Support

Hospital Social Workers

Our Social Worker at the hospital was an amazing asset to us during the first couple of weeks that Ollie was diagnosed. She helped us apply for additional insurance, financial assistance, and checked in with us emotionally. ​​​​

Child Life Specialists

Developing a strong bond and sense of trust with our Child Life Specialist was incredibly important. She connected us with the Beads of Courage program and helped us set up play therapy for Ollie

Creating a Routine
Each child is different so do what makes sense for your little one. Our schedule for clinic started the night before, here's what worked for us: 
  • The Night Before
    • Play therapy, packing bag/medicine, medical plan
  • Morning of the Clinic

    • Double-check that we have everything

  • En route to the Clinic:

    • Front-load, talk about what's going to happen

  • At the Clinic:

    • Make everything a game with your little one, for example: which elevator door is going to open first? Do you have gummy bears in your ears

    • Provide a lot of choices for your child, for example: which ear to get checked first? What toy do you want to hold? What show do you want to watch?

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Nicole- Child Life Specialist.jpg
Nicole- Child Life Specialist and Aflec
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